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Devgad is a small coastal town on the mid west coast of India in a region called Konkan. It is blessed with breathtaking beaches, lots of natural beauty in terms of flora and fauna, a natural harbor, world famous Alphonso / Hapus mango plantations, and a flourishing fishing industry. It is just 150 km North of Goa and 500 km South of Mumbai, the financial capital of India. Devgad Alphonso / Hapus mango is world famous known for its distinct aroma, color, and shape. It is termed the king of fruit and is the national fruit of India.  The photos below give a glimpse of the beauty of Devgad. If you go to individual categories such as beaches, temples, etc. you will find categorized photos with a brief title. Finally you can purchase these digital files in highest resolution, to print for your home/office interiors, more information about which you can find below.