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* Devgad is a taluka in Sindhudurg district of MaharashtraIndia consisting of 98 villages. The main city including the nearby Jamsande city area has a population of around 30,000. It is located on the Arabian Sea in the coastal Konkan region of Maharashtra, around 500 km south of Mumbai and 150 km North of Goa. Devgad is known globally for its exports of locally grown Alphonso mangoes. Devgad is a natural harbor. However, only small vessels can enter the harbor.

Devgad drone cinematic aerial view videos

Devgad is one of the most beautiful areas in the konkan region, however, it is not that much popular due to lack of awareness. We have launched a series on exposing the breathtaking beauty of Devgad landscapes by shooting aerial drone footage to give boost to its tourism. Do check a range of 2 min cinematic drone videos uploaded on our Youtube channel. Subscribe to get new content uploaded every two weeks to get never before seen footage. Click below video to watch one such video and explore more on the channel further and do not forget to subscribe and share with your friends / comments / like to help it spread to support this effort.

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Devgad is noted for its harbor, its beach, and a lighthouse built in 1915 at the Devgad fort. Shilahara dynasty Raja Bhoja II constructed Fort Vijaydurg (Gheria), ruled later by Adil Shah and eventually by King Shivaji and lastly Kanhoji Angre is a national monument situated 45 minutes by road from the main city of Devgad. Fort Vijaydurg (Victory fort), named as the "Eastern Gibraltar" because of its virtual impregnability, was impressive as seen by British, Dutch, Portuguese armies and travelers 400 years ago and even today as seen by visitors. There is a wall under the sea at shores of the Vijaydurg built such that an enemy's ships, trying to attack, would crash and sink. See photo below.



The nearest railway station is Kankavli on Konkan Railway on Mumbai-Goa road around 50 km away. From Kankavli, one can get an auto-rickshaw or a state transport bus to reach Devgad. There are direct buses arriving at Devgad from cities such as Pune, Mumbai, Kolhapur, Belgaum, Panaji Goa, Ratnagiri, Malvan, etc. Malvan is the next closes city famous for the fort Sindhudurga built from scratch in the middle of sea by the king Shivaji. Malvan is around 55 km away. The nearest international airport is Goa airport (150 km) , while Mumbai airport is 500 km away. 



Devgad is also widely known for its pure Alphonso mango cultivation/farming and the whole development has evolved due to undertaking of the cultivation of Alphonso mango farming. Mangoes grown here are characterized by their distinct aroma, smooth exterior, thin skin and thick saffron pulp. The variety is different from the Alphonso mangoes grown in the Ratnagiri district. Such is the popularity of the Devgad Alphonso mango that vendors often pass off other similar looking mangoes under the name of Devgad Alphonso. Devgad Alphonso mango is grown on an area of 45,000 acres and reaches a production of about 50,000 tons in a year of decent production. 


Fishing is carried out on a large scale in the sea as well as in the creeks throughout the taluka region. The staple diet of this region is rice and fish.


The first windmill project in Maharashtra was installed at Devgad


* The source of the above information is Wikipedia page

Tourist attractions

Devgad gets less number of tourists than its neighbor Malvan city 55 kms away due to the inward position of Devgad from the main Bombay-Goa highway which is 35 km away as can be seen in the map above. However, it is slowly becoming a tourist hot spot for tourists who want to avoid Goa beaches. It offers a peaceful perfect family outing in a calm backdrop. The main aim of is to boost Devgad and Konkan tourism by showcasing the amazing landscape of Devgad photos and Konkan photos. 

Some areas around Devgad to explore are 

1. Devgad beach  2. Devgad fort area  3. Kunkeshwar temple  4.  Vijaydurga fort  5.  Mithmumbri beach area   6. Lots of small villages around Devgad area as seen in these photos. 

Places to stay 

Devgad has a range of hotels ranging from rates 800 Rs / night to up-to 10,000 Rs / night. Search on Google for it. Click on this Airbnb link to find one such spacious room in a Bunglow house with close proximity to all facilities in the main Devgad city starting at 800 Rs / night only. 

There is a MTDC resort   at the Kunkeshwar beach which has a range of different deluxe room choices from 2500 Rs/ night on-wards. It is only a 15 minutes scooter ride from the Devgad center or around 7kms. There is a new MTDC resort at Tambaldeg facing Tambaldeg beach that is waiting for its inauguration. Devgad tourism is still less on the commercial side and you can enjoy an authentic experience than the nearby touristic commercial places like Malvan. 

Best time to visit

Best time to visit is between October and February when the temperatures are moderate and you see greenery due to monsoon rains.  After March on-wards the temperatures and humidity starts to rise with the temperatures reaching up-to 37 degree Celsius. However, if you want to eat the local fruits summer is the best time to visit (March to May) as from June on wards rains start. The good thing about the rains here is it pours but it also does not get slushy as the water recedes from the rocky soil and its clean everywhere. 

* About Kokan / Konkan 


Konkan, also known as the Konkan Coast, is a rugged section of the western coastline of India.  It is bounded by the Western Ghats mountain range (also known as Sahyadri) in the east, the Arabian Sea in the west, the Daman Ganga River in the north and the Gangavalli River in the south.

Konkan proceeds from the north at Damaon in the Gulf of Cambay, extends southwards all along the western seaside land areas of Maharashtra& Goa, and meets the Canara coast at Karwar district of Karnataka. Geographically, the stretch of land from the Daman Ganga River in the north to the Gangavalli River in the south is considered to form the Konkan. This is a total distance of around 800 km.

The Western Ghats, also known as Sahyadri (Benevolent Mountains), are a mountain range that covers an area of 140,000 square kilometres (54,000 sq mi) in a stretch of 1,600 kilometres (990 mi) parallel to the western coast of the Indian peninsula, traversing the states of KeralaTamil NaduKarnatakaGoaMaharashtra and Gujarat. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the eight hot-spots of biological diversity in the world.


* The source of the above information is Wikipedia pages namely konkan and Western ghats.  

Konkan / kokan coastline has amazing beaches and the most prominent touristic place is Goa, world famous for its sandy beaches and hippy culture. Goa draws a huge international crowd as it also has an international airport, however, the tourist scene in Goa has got too overcrowded. Hence, tourists both domestically and internationally are always in search for new nearby places to visit.  Devgad being just 150 km north of Goa is an ideal destination for such peace seeking tourists. Entire Konkan / Kokan coast offers a similar landscape for photography and tourism to get a feel of the local culture. Hence, Devgad photography is a  glimpse into Kokan photography as well. 

Devgad-Photography website purpose is to introduce you to the beauty of the Devgad region as seen through these Devgad photos. Devgad landscape is quite unique compared to the rest of the Konkan region and these collection of Konkan photos aim to help you realize its potential in just a radius of 20 km from the Devgad center area. Thus Devgad photography is aimed at improving the Devgad tourism in the Devgad region to bring this beautiful Konkan region to the outside world by exposing its hidden gem landscapes and the culture. 


If you find the information on Devgad photography website useful and these Devgad photos worth the effort please consider donating. Months of effort has gone into clicking these beautiful photos with top end photography equipment that costs a lot of money. A lot of time has been spent in editing and arranging them to present them in this beautiful format by developing this website and its recurring yearly hosting and platform fees. Your donations will help keep it running for many more years to come by maintaining it further. 

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